Prohibited activities

Billkash : warns you against using its services for the following activities:

Selling products that are prohibited in your country and paying their bills.

Violation of applicable law in the State of egypt.

To put it in the case of the content and descriptions that you enter.

It must be certain products and products made from its own race.

Not to use the Billkash service in the following transactions:

Drugs, cigarettes, or any product that threatens the safety of people.

digital photo.

sexual services.

Ammunition, firearms or sharps.

In deals you give personal information about a third party for fear of applicable laws.

The application may be used for get-rich-quick deals.

Financing deals or debt refinancing financed by credit card.

Deals and skills by selling travellers' checks or money orders.

Receiving or making payments for the purpose of bribery or corruption.

Use of the Service for gambling activities or games of skills is prohibited. Privacy